Where to use function or action?

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Please explain me frameworks & how to generate the scripts in framework

0 Answers   ADP,

Hi All, I am new to QTP but i was trained on winrunner before. My problem is..QTP 8.2 was unable to record my application which is a java app. By selecting smart identification, i was somehow able to record the test BUT QTP cant run the test! Can anyone help me in walking through this problem..Is java addin really necessary for this?? Is there anyways i can run the test successfully? I am not sure whats going wrong in my testing.Please do help me asap as i need to submit the report early. Thanks in advance

4 Answers  

Can we record using all the modes in a single script? Explanation with example is appreciated

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hai,i want to select an option from the right click pop up menu.but the qtp is not recognizing the right click pop up menu as a seperate object.can any one tell me the solution.

4 Answers   HP,

We developed 100 descriptive programms and put in running, in the midle if any descriptive program is stucked with some error? what will happend weather it will execute the remaining prg's or it will terriminate ?

6 Answers   Kanbay,

what is the difference between seat and concerent licenses.

3 Answers   TCS, AppLabs,

where u maintain qtp scripts in ur company

4 Answers   HCL,

How many ways we can parameterize data in QTP ?

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How the exception handling can be done using quicktest professional (qtp)?

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Ex : some mail name with surname Email id's there that is string fetch the particular surname only how to get particular surname all emails

1 Answers   Infosys,

How to execute the WR Script through QTP? I have WinRunner script with initialization script, common scripts, GUI AND functions. I connected WR through QTP with "call to WinRunner" option but I am getting problem after connecting to WinRunner i.e. showing "Do you want to quit now" with 'yes' and 'No' message box

0 Answers   L&T,

How you can replace string in qtp?

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