What do you mean by iteration?

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banking domain description for software tester for interview

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How do you perform testing on web based application using qtp 9.2?

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I have one question as HP QTP is concern, Please send your answers..... Can we do testing of any application without using any of the framework which are we used in QTP tool. If yes then how it can be possible in the HP QTP tool. -- Regards

5 Answers   ABC,

how to capture data from images in QTP and produce them in excel sheet?

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Hi, I have weblist which contains the data like Design change,admin edit and cost saving etc.. User doesn't know the values existed in weblist. Now the user has to select the right value from the list otherwise the test will fail. Pls help me "To select the correct value from the list"

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Hoe can we do retesting using functions please give the code for it using login page

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What the differences are and best practical application of each.

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How open an excel sheet in QTP(not a run time )?

4 Answers   Tech Mahindra,

Can we test GUI of the application using QTP.? How.?If possible briefly explain process.?

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what is the purpose of SetTOProperty Method?

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why use Description programming? what is advantages and disadvantage of this methods?

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what is difference between wait and synchronization point.

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