i am new QTP... please tell me automation frameworks , types
& for whiich type of applications frameworks are used & how
to generate script in keyword driven framework

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I have a tool for automation testing (eg:qtp).I have two functionality(A & B) to test.A is tested once in a year. B is tested everyday. At present i have the money and resource availability to automate only one functionality.Which one will u suggest and why?

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what r the verstions from 1st to present (verstions) of mercury tools (like winrunner,QTP,Loadrunner) ? Chandana

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How to create scenario selector

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when we apply the daily build each and every day,the property may change in the application.so that the created script is not reusable in winrunner and qtp.for ex for date field it is taken dtpicker.at another time it is taken some other name.how can i solve it.

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why was automation used in the project?

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in qtp how we work with out put values and what is the process?

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in QTP, we have options like (record and play,recording modes(normal,analog,low level),object identification,smart identification,object repository,synchronizing test,transactions,checkpoints(std,bitmap,text,text area,DB,XML,accessibility),regular expression,actions,data driving,parameter,parameterization,data tables,recovery scenario(pop up,object state,test run error,application crash). real time users of QTP, pls say and when and at what point u have used all these options ,in ur concerned project.pls give me explanation in accordance with ur real time project handled. real users pls send some time in the aboue case. if u can send the the reply through allinterview or at ref_it_ref@yahoo.co.in

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In how many ways we can add check points to an application using QTP.

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What will be the script for recovery scenerio.plzanyone give ans with aexample related to banking project

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How to take screen shot of desktop by using vb script code or is there any method?

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Hi all, what is the latest version of QTP?

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how to find that a file has been completely downloaded or not? I told that "download Complete" pop up. but he told the tool doesn't recognize the pop up

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