i am new QTP... please tell me automation frameworks , types
& for whiich type of applications frameworks are used & how
to generate script in keyword driven framework

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How to test background color and dynamic images during run time can you put the check point for moving objects?

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Why you have to add the specific add in in QTP? My answer is to recognize the specific objects we have to add the add-in in QTP...but he asked again after adding addin how qtp recognize the objects successfully? what is there in the add-in ?

1 Answers   CTS,

1.How recognize QTP Dyanamic Image? (suppose tha wedpage contains 3 logos..1 square 2.circle 3.rectangel)there changing at same position how to capture that)

3 Answers   Synechron,

How do we do DOM programming in QTP.Could you explain with an example. If possible please provide some material or link related to DOM Programming.

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how can we call an external library file in QTP apart from using the Executefile statement..?? is there any other way we can call the external library file in QTP..??

1 Answers   DST Global Solutions,

Is QTP Object Oriented language or Object Based language? What are the OOPS concepts it will support? Why it wont support all the OOPS concepts?

1 Answers   CTS,

what type of scripts are asked in qtp?

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If there are 100 checkboes in a page then how can we select 10th & 11th & 14th chexkboxes at once through descriptive programing in QTP using vb script. Please send the answers...

5 Answers   NTT Data,

What is a runtime datatable ?

2 Answers   Ordain Solutions,

I am using DataTable.ImportSheet method to import the data from an excel sheet to the Runtime DataTable of QTP. here is my piece of code DataTable.import("c:\DataSheet.xls","Members","Members") The first row headings of Members sheet of DataSheet.xls and Members sheet of QTp are matched. but the QTP is taking very long time(approximately half an hour) to import the data into runtime datatable even though the DataSheet.xls has one or two rows in it. Please let me know why this is happening and is there any alternative for impoting the data into runtime datatable of qtp ?

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How to identify 2 versions of browsers based on regular expression

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What is dynamic arrays

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