What are the main key components in web applications?

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More Manual Testing Interview Questions

How you perform sytemtesting in organization, i am not asking definiton approach for system testing

3 Answers   CTS,

1.How will u write traceability matrix? 2.What is Test summary Report…? 3. What is Test Closure report…? 4.What are the Testing methodologies that u have followed in your project ? plz...........do reply...............

1 Answers   Virtusa,

Hi..I have 2 years exp in manual. In our company we are using only excel sheet for preparing reports. If possible anyone can send resume format for manual. mail id vdivya_mdu@yahoo.co.in and give some suggestion. thnx

5 Answers   Rhytha Web Solution,

What is the difference between bug , error and defect ? Explain with example. 2... What is diff between test approach , test strategy, Test plan and test methodology documents? 3...How to test a website with manual testing? 4. What methodologies have you used to develop test cases?

13 Answers   Infosys, SCI, Wipro,

wirte the test cases for triangle

3 Answers   Accenture, DGF, iGate, Intel, Oracle,

How can we test the maximum number of search results a Search Engine (like google) should produce?

0 Answers   Hewitt,

What makes a good QA or Test Manager?

1 Answers   Crea,

what are the different methods to test a product in 'Japanese' language? NOTE:User is unable to perform basic functionalities while using the app..(copy, paste, text selection etc.)

0 Answers  

what is security testing? can u please set an example for it?

5 Answers  

what is the similarity between black box testing and unit testing

7 Answers   CitiGroup,

How will you transfer file from remote server to your machine if ftp is disable

2 Answers   Persistent,

how can u report bugs in manual testing?

7 Answers   IBM, MBT, Microsoft,