Why is the color of the indicator drop remains the same at the end point?

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Which expands to the greatest, when heated : silids, liquids or gases ?

1 Answers  

Differentiate between modern periodic table and mendeleevs table?

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What is the difference between volumetric solutions and test solutions

0 Answers   Hetero,

why do hard water never produce foam when a soap is dissolved?

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Why do woolen clothes keep us warm in winter ?

29 Answers   Century Textile and Industries, DCM, Vardhman,

What is the use of nitrogen in air ?

4 Answers   Hyundai,

Which element is nether a solid nor a liquid?

8 Answers  

What is Sublimation ?

3 Answers  

Why does a freely supended magnetic needle always point North and South ?

1 Answers  

Why is eriochrome black t indicator cannot be used in this experiment?

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Which gas used for purifying, air in underground enterprises ?

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Explain the Different forms of Glass ?

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