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Name the first synthetic organic compound. Who proposed it and from which compound?

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From a thermodynamic perspective, why doesn't hexane dissolve in water?

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what are 3 types of plasmalogens?

1 Answers   Natco,

Borax is chemically called as ?

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What are the structures of ATP, ADP, PPi and Pi?

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How do you call the geometrical isomerism, similar groups are present on same side?

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what is lactam-lactim tautomerism?

3 Answers   Reddy Labs,

If a polar molecule has a charge of 4.8 * 10^ (-10) and internuclear distance is 1A then what is its dipole moment?

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What are the units of bond length?

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What is optical isomerism? Which compounds exhibit optical isomerism?

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What is meant by non-conjugated double bond system?

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What are the main factors that alter the speed of enzymatic reactions?

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How do you define the molecularity of a reaction?

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