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Does c# have a 'throws' clause?

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Can enum be null c#?

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What is the difference between private and protected in c#?

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What is void method?

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Write a functin to add two no. Both no can be int, float.

3 Answers   HCL,

How we can create an array with non-default values?

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Can the accessibility of a type member be greater than the accessibility of its containing type?

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What are the access allowed for compilation units(namespace),class and structs and what are its default access?

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What are events in C#?

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Hai, I want to open a new form while the previous form is hiding or closing. I tried this with using MDI.I created one form like ParentForm.placed one button control.when clicked one that it opend new form like ChildForm.When i set the property of ChildForm to Maximize,but the ParentForm button control also appearing on the childform. so plz help me how to hide parentform controls(hide parentform while it is childform opened) thanq..

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What is native image generator (ngen.exe)?

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is it possible to access a remote web service Without UDDI?

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What are the desktop applications?

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