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The deposits of wind transported silt which has settled from
dust stroms over many thousand years is known as:

(a) Loess

(b) Barkhans

(c) Peneplain

The deposits of wind transported silt which has settled from dust stroms over many thousand years i..

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( a ) Loess

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As per RBI?s estimates, the agricultural products constitute about what per cent of the Gross Domestic Product? 1 20% 2 25% 3 29% 4 313%

2 Answers  

The Mahabalipuram temples were built by the king of ????.. dynasty. (a) Gupta (b) Chola (c) Pallava (d) Kushana

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Net National Product means 1 Gross National Product (GNP) minus cost of production 2 GNP minus Depreciation 3 GNP multiplied by market prices 4 GNP minus capital stock

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The impeachment proceedings against the Vice-President can be initiated (a) Only by the Rajya Sabha (b) Only by the Lok Sabha (c) By either of the Houses of Parliament (d) By neither of the Houses of Parliament

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The blood pressure values of four persons are given below: 1. Mrs. X 90/60 2. Mr. X 160/120 3. Mr. Y 120/80 4. Mrs. Y 140/100 who among the following has normal blood pressure? (a) Mrs. X (b) Mr. X (c) Mrs. Y (d) Mr. Y

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The brightest planet is: (A) Jupiter (B) Venus (C) Mercury (D) Mars

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Admission or establishment of new States is permitted under: (a) Article 2 (b) Article 312 (c) Article 79 (d) Not permitted at all

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The largest gland in the human body is 1 Heart 2 Liver 3 Kidney 4 Brain

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Official languages of the UNO are: (a) English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish (b) English and French (c) English, Chinese, French and Russian (d) English, Hindi, Chinese and Russian

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Which of the following films has won the Academy Award 1999 for the ?Best Film?? 1 Life Is Beautiful 2 When You Believe 3 Saving Private Ryan 4 Shakespeare in Love

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Who wrote Mitakshara, a book on Hindu Law ? (a) Nayachandra (b) Amoghvarsa (c) Vijnaneswara (d) Kumban

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The highest policy making body in national planning is (A) The Planning Commission (B) The Finance Commission (C) The National Development Council (D) The National Integration Council

3 Answers   Wipro,