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Which animal live in hot region?

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Which enzyme converts milk into cheese ? Is it found in human body?

2 Answers  

which part of body affected by plague ?

1 Answers   Amul,

Dog lies down to sleep only after observing the surroundings. Why?

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How much is consumed per person?

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Define what is hervivores?

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How are fishery catches changing?

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what r tidemann's bodies?where do u find them?

1 Answers  

Which camel has two humps?

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What forms the basis of evolution - Mutation or Natural Selection?

3 Answers  

Why do some animals have larger brains than others? Why do animals with larger bodies have larger brains? How does brain size relate to metabolism or to longevity?

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what are the different stages in the life histoty of dibothriocephalus?

1 Answers  

What is pangolin?

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