How do you handle conflict with programmers?

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How do you handle conflict with programmers?..

Answer / ashok.hugar

tester should try to convinience the programmer that how
deffect would effect the customesr and he should go through
the manager and try to show with real senario how it wil
effect the customer

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How do you handle conflict with programmers?..

Answer / anil

use snapshots
& run the tests in front of him
if the discussion is not friutfull...


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How do you handle conflict with programmers?..

Answer / shiva

1)First prepare a document with the exact steps to create
the error
2) Analyse and tell them in which scenarios this error is
producable and provide proper test dat which you used.
3) Go to business people and get clarification whether the
testing approach what you made falls in scope and again try
to convience developer.
4) Still not convience then raise this to your TL or Manager

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How do you handle conflict with programmers?..

Answer / mudaseer

programmers will not fix the bugs you have to escalate the issue to the development lead then they will fix it

don't ship the products to the client when there are bugs in the application

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