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What is the difference between rename and alias?

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What are the difference between Functions/Stored Procs and Triggers and where are they used.

1 Answers   CGI, TCS,

Does pdo prevent sql injection?

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What is an Exception ? What are types of Exception ?

2 Answers  

Explain the difference between rename and alias?

0 Answers  

In packages the source code is compiled into p code ? how do we describe the p code

3 Answers  

what is meant by forward declaration in functions?

4 Answers   TCS,

Give the structure of the function ?

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is mysql query is case sensitive? : Sql dba

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Does group by remove duplicates?

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How can you create an empty table from an existing table?

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What is pl sql code?

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give the syntax of grant and revoke commands? : Sql dba

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