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Why don’t we normally load the gui maps through start up scripts?

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what is the name given by WR to Microsoft excel file

2 Answers  

How to close the winrunner window from the script itself?what is the code?

2 Answers   EDC,

Let us assume there is a web-table, In this web table we have no.of Rows and Coloumns , in a Row/Coloumn(like 3*2 i.e 3rd row 2nd coloumn)is a weblist , in this web list we have almost 6links , then we click anylink a new window will activated! How can we write the script for ?? in QTP

1 Answers   Value Labs,

What are the virtual objects and how do you learn them?

0 Answers  

which testcases do u automate?

1 Answers  

how many types of run modes are there in Winrunner

2 Answers   SAP Labs,

What is the procedure for Using Batch tests?And in real time how will use you use batch Tests?Explain with Clear Example?

1 Answers   Logica CMG,

When do you use verify, Debug and Update modes?

2 Answers  

How to check property of specific icon is highlighted or not?

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What is the purpose of different record methods?

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What is a checkpoint and what are different types of checkpoints?

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what is the use of generate script that is avaliable 3 places(file settings, tools, object identification)

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