How will u register concurrent request ?

How will u register concurrent request ?..

Answer / mchava

If you want to reister a report as a concurrent program.

First develop the report in report 6i.

then move that report from local machine to oracle apps

If it is PO module. move the report by using following
diretory PO/11.5.0/reports/us/ xx.rdf

First create executable by using system adminstrator

in executable window you need mention excutable name, short
name, application, execution type, execution file name.

we will create concurrent program attach executable,
incompatabilites, parameters to concurrent program

we will create request group and attach concurrent program.

we will create responsibility and attach request program to

we will attach repsonsibility to user,
user will sumbit concurrent program from standard request
submission window

Madhu Chava

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