Which one of the following is backwater port in the western coast of India (A) Kandla (B) Marmara on (C) Mangalore (D) Cochin

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In which coal has the lowest proportion of volatile matter?

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Which continent is the largest producer of sugarcane? (A) Europe (B) Australia (C) Asia (D) Africa

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The highest peak in india ?

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Which type of erosion is responsible for formation of Chambal Ravines?

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lagest disrict in inida

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what do need a national park vairious animal park in india. how can be conserved national park.

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Where is Coffee highly produced?

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what is indian union

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why it snows in shimla and not in amritsar when both places have sub zero temperature in winters?

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Which river is known as Ganga of south ?

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In which part of India, canal irrigation system is most common?

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