different between dicot & monocot with example ?

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how will mapping between testcases and requirments(tracebility matrix) in manual testing without using any bug tracking tool

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what is the difference between concept and theory

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where is plural executive exists in ?

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Who is father of statistics?

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Is 2 is a prime no?? Why?

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Paano po ba nabubuo ang eclipse?

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write a program which calculates for every five digit integer entered on a keyboard, a numerical code computed as follows:first digit multiplied by 2+ second digit divided by 3 and the quotient multiplied by the third digit, + the fourth digit + the fifth digit divided by 2. the program should then display the following results 1, the code calculated from the integer value entered 2, the character value corresponding to the code as per the ASCII TABLE 3, Given any three 5-digit integer number, display the corresponding three-character code key:

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What is an interrupt?

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Five iportant parameters in transducer operation.( help me with correct ans.)

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why do u want to leave your present job?

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describe a time when you made a mistake when dealing with staff person and how did you handle the situation?

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describe atime when you felt it was necessary to change a staffing pattern to better meet your unit's needs. how did you handle the sutuation?

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