different between dicot & monocot with example ?

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why all high frequency semiconductors have comparatively low current rating?

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What is L44 Kernel? please define and explain?

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What is Green Petrol ?

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What is considered under the capital account of balance payment ?

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who is the father of statistics?

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1.which place in india receives minimum rainfall? 2.which place in india received maximum rainfall? 3.which city in india has the largest population? 4.how many states are washed by sea water in india?

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Assuming that the constitution parameters of aluminum are given by μ=μ۪o=4Πx10^(-7)N/A^2 and σ=3.54x10^7mho/m,find the frequency for which the skin depth in aluminum is 0.01 mm.

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how will be maintain vaccum by an steam ejector system? what will be happen when steam turbine vaccum is down? what is the blow down ratio?

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how many times a wheel revolves in a mile

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when the dao exam will be conducted

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what is harmonic distortion?what is the use of it.in ce amplifiers

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sap question.. i want to call a text module through the program which i have created with the help of so10 . how can i do this.

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