Write code for ,We have a web table with rows and columns like
EmpID EName Action
1 ABC Edit Delete
2 XYZ Edit Delete
3 PQR Edit Delete

In the above Table the last column has two links we have to click first link based up on EmpID =2

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four browser are open same application i want to enter 3browser how?

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Can you give me the code to calculate the total number of Links using the child object in the web page..? is there any other way to calculate number of links with out using the Child objects.??

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What is QTP scenario.

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hi everyone today is the first time i saw this website,and hi iam siraj,iam very impressed by seeing evryones response towards questions,iam a newcomer and i have got tryining in testing can anyone please send me some projects relaited to testing.i know it is very confidential but still if u send it will a great help. my mail id venku_krs@yahoo.co.in

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I want to learn Advanced QTP, suggest me the best faculty in Hyderabad

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If 2 gmail browsers are opened in our system, how to enter the mail id and password into second browser by using discriptive program?

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