Explain Descriptive Programming Types with Examples?

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You have a WebTable in Web application. When you Record a Scenario using QTP, WebTable didn't recognized and also Repository is not having Webtable information. In this case How to find RowCount and Coloumn Count?

2 Answers   PanTerra,

To which environments does a QTP support?

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Ehat is the descriptive programing in QTP?

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What is the difference between action & script?

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Batch testing in howmany ways u perfrom in QTP

3 Answers   Lehman Brothers,

what is the difference between wait and wait function

1 Answers   TCS, Wipro,

how can we merge the object repositories?is ther any option in qtp to merge the object repositories if we have two or three object repositories?

6 Answers   IBM,

In My application, having Copmany Name : Text Box and click Save button. if i enter a vlue, after run..........it shows the already exists. so how to enter random ro mmultiple names names into webedit box(company Name). without using DATATABLE THanks Ramesh

4 Answers   TCS,

How to create a Runtime property for an object in QTP?

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what is the difference between development and testing

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what is output value in QTP and how it can be used in automation testing

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i need the licence key for QTP V9.5 can anyone help me on getting this?

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