Explain Descriptive Programming Types with Examples?

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i am new to qtp i do not know how to write script how to write the code to login if it fails how to able error messages

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what is the Exact Meaning of Environment Variables?

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How do u override the meaning of a standard object in QTP?

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i am testing an online shopping application.I CLICK on a link "ADD TO CART" of that application a "new page" is open and then click on any object of that "new page". after that when i run this SCRIPT then on this "new page" QTP always shows error of "OBJECT NOT FOUND". How i solve this problem ?

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What are the Mandatory Properties of WebTable Object and Link Object in Web testing using QTP

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what is the diff b/w assistive and mandatary rules of object repository in QTP???

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Hi Friends, Can you please answer these questions of QTP Certification? 1.) What are bitmap checkpoints sensitive to? A. Image size and object type B. Object type and image type C. Screen resolution and object type D. Screen resolution and image size 2.)What are the phases in the QuickTest workflow? A. Plan, Record, Enhance, Run B. Prepare, Record, Verify, Run C. Plan, Create, Verify & Enhance D. Prepare, Create, Verify & Enhance, Integrate 3.) What are the two most commonly used ADO objects? A. Fields B. Execute C. Connection, RecordSet D. Open, ConnectionString 4.)What options are available to filter objects in the Target Object Repository pane when merging object repositories? A. Show all objects or Show only objects with conflicting object types B. Show all objects or Show only objects with conflicting descriptions C. Show only objects with conflicting logical names or Show only objects with conflicting object types D. Show only objects with conflicting logical names or Show only objects with conflicting descriptions 5.)Which of the following is an example of a missing resource? A. An object B. Run Results C. A Regular Action D. An External Action 6.)What method is used to retrieve the number of columns in the query results? A. Fields.Count B. Fields.Item(EOF) C. Fields.Count(BOF) D. Fields.Count.Value 7.)In VB Script functions, which one is false among the following a. Variables must be declared before use b. Variables may not be declared before use c. Variables may be declared without data types None

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Where is the resultset of a sqlquery (which is fired by rsobj.open sqlquery,xxxx,xxxx) stored ?

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What is the main disadvantage of using low level and Analog modes?

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I have faced one issues while doing test in QTP. I have described the scenario below. 1. I have to test web application.In that i want to give input of drop down values in the application. 2. Suppose Drop down has 5 value "A,B,C,D,E".I would like to give value from data table of QTP. 3. I have changed the drop down value as variable in Keyword view and given values in data table "A,B,C,D,E" as one below one. 4. While i am running the script it could not identify the drop down value which is in Data Table.It shows message. How to make value identify by QTP?

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What is the maximum size of Object Repository in QTP 8.2?

4 Answers   Mphasis,

Which object model ur used in ur project

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