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Hi All,
How to Compare two strings character by character in QTP

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What is exact meaning of Database Checkpoint in QTP 9.2 and what are the different types of the database check points?

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Hello Guys, Can anybody Explain me about Automation framework?? and how can we prepareAutomation Framework using QTP

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Is there any vbscript in QTP for Data Driven Test instead of using the option provided by QTP?

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I have the script like this: Browser("Login").Page ("Application").Frame("ScopeFrame").Link("DC3701737 (Active)").Click in which the value "DC3701737" will get changed and i have to use the same value in so many places. I got the value "DC3701737" in to a variable(Say x). Now if i want to pass the variable in to link object .. how? Browser("Login").Page("Application").Frame ("ScopeFrame").Link(x).Click Is it possible to pass any variable into a link object .. so, that the application will select that link automatically? If ur not able to understand, pls let me know.

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i am looking job in perfomance testing using Loadrunner any one help me a project plz......?(Chandana)

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What is quicktest professional (qtp)?

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what is Business Process Testing plz explain?

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who is the best faculty in Hyderabad for QTP?

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What is ObjectParamater?

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What are the Features & Benefits of Quick Test Pro ?

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What are the ordinal identifiers in web page?

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Take a situation when you are working with QTP, suddenly system has you again start the system. My questyion is how can QTP directly opened when the system desktop appears.

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