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I have a brand for product which will be delivered as per the subscription from customers.What are all the major functionalities u will test in that case?

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Can any one tell me about the free online certifications in the QA and QC stream

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What are the Qualities of a Tester?

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what is Bottle Neck testing??

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What is a Change Request?

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what is entry and exit criteria?

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What is your hierarchy in your organization?

2 Answers   Cap Gemini,

What is meant by Factory testing?? I have seen this one in a Job posting

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how do u start web logic in your application

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You are a tester. Now how will you choose which defect to remove in 1000000 defects?

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how can you describe the defect sevirority n priority...mean low, medium and high... on what factors can we fix that defect is major r low r medium sevirori and proirity ???

4 Answers   iFlex, TCS,

Need urgent answers for the interview questions? Interviewer asked 1) when you don't have enough requirements spec how did you perform testing? 2) once the project went live if you come to know that there is a bigger defect(bug) what will you do? 3) when there is a bug in the code but not mentioned in the requirement spec( while testing for some other if you come to know this bug) what will you do? I answered these questions but interviewer was not satisfied can any one please tell me the best answers for these kind of situations. I have other interview next week so please provide me the answers or can email me the answers my I'd is Thanks in advance

3 Answers   Maxwell,

What is the quality audit?

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