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Can Regression test be done at all levels

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Can Regression test be done at all levels..

Answer / ekta

No, regression can be done only after integration

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Can Regression test be done at all levels..

Answer / jyothi

Regression testing can done at all test levels(component
level, integration level, system level, acceptance level).
When ever changes are made(New version, add new features,
change features) in software regression tests will be
executed to conform weather or not software is
effected.Regression testing is also the part of maintenance

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Can Regression test be done at all levels..

Answer / kishore

Regression testing is of two types
1. Initial regression testing
2. Final regression testing.

To ensure that the changes made in the software should not
effect in the other portions. when ever the changes that r
made to the project it must undergo regression testing.
The initial regression testing must be done for every cycles
and the final regression testing must be undergone when
ever the product is being released.

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