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What are the contents of test plans and test cases?

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How do you decide you have tested enough?

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What is SDLC? What is QA methodulogy?

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how much it is necessary that if u r a sqa engineer then ur programming should be strong or either u have only concepts of it but u r not a good programmer.If the person is not a good programmer then do they are able to make their carrer in this field of qa and do it has good scope for them being not a good programmer?

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What is Crystal Reports ?

2 Answers   Accenture,

Mention what are the types of documents in sqa?

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What the purpose of testing?

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How to test and to get the difference between two images which is in the same window?

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what is validation and verification

9 Answers   Oracle,

where can i can get QTP real time projects and process?

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What is the difference between preventative and reactive approaches in testing?

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hi Can anyone tell me abt how to do the virtual objects and how to pass input and output parameters in qtp? Plz send the answer in detail. Thanks Priya

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I. Policymaker II. Technical specialist III. Project manager IV. Software development manager The personnel listed above represent a partial list of candidates for the configuration control board (CCB). In addition to software QA and software CM, which of these personnel should be included on the CCB? 1. II and IV 2. II 3. II and III 4. I and II 5. I, II, III, and IV

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