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I want to know about transfer policies of a DEO in CAG. Is a zonal transfer is possible in DEO. If a person selected in SOUTH ZONE and wants to get transfer in NORTH ZONE then how can this possible.

Secondly, If a person got selected in eg. NORTH ZONE then whether he or she get transfer from one state to other in same zone.

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The candidates those who are over due for being nominated in the Staff selection Commission Exam will get any compensation in lieu of salary and also get seniority ?

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hi frnds myself namesh pabri i m s.t candidate i have score 100+ marks in ssc tier-1 and 130+in maths(tier-2)and 110+ in english total is aprox=340 so wat do u think itne main interview call hoga k nahi or i think jiska interview call hoga uska job lagne ka 70% chance hoga b'cos of scaling system..........neche kahi na kahi to score karega..

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Can anyone tell me the promotional prospect of auditor in cag /cgda and tax assistant in cbdt.also tell about their transfer policy if one is posted for a long time in their home state.

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sir, i m anshu kumar and completed in cgl 2008 for the post of auditor/ but my allocation in pending yet. if anybody can help me for my allocation clearence. whenever it was declared ?

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Hi i am selected as Tax Assistant in Central Excise (Combined Graduate Level -2010) and i have been allotted Pune Central Excise Zone, I am from west bengal. Is there any candidate from west bengal who also going to join the post in Pune I if you selected then contact me 9641313745 and & please contact me.

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Has anybody received any correspondence from GOA Customs regarding the appointment of Preventive Officers 2008 batch in GOA Customs ???

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