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how to do finalisation account ,pls tell me step by step ?

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WHAT IS ER-1, ER-2, ER-3, ER-4, ER-5,ER-6,ER-7

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What is SLR?

4 Answers   Genpact,

hi.. inthe month of june our expenses 540.petty cash replenishment we received 530. in the next month we received the balance 10 and july petty cash replenishment for 450 + 10. how to prepare jv. eg: subry expenses a/c 540 to cash 530 to ???? 10 july: sundry expenses 450 ??????????????? 10 to cash 460 pls help

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what is the difference between chartered accounant and cost accountant and which is the best course among two.

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why is TDS treated as an asset while preparing Balance sheet.

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What is the Capitalmarket and speech 10 min in capital market? What is Mean by Share,Dividend,mutualfund, detail answer? details of Share market? What is mean by nav & npv over all finance related interview question?

1 Answers   TCS,

Short Answer on _____________Whole Sale Trade

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What is BMP in IMS?

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Expand C M P F

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Expand N H B

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Expand ________FDI

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What is the quality of the accountant & rights ?

0 Answers   Sasken,