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Tell me about ur self..
Why would you want to join our company...

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Tell me about ur self.. Why would you want to join our company.....

Answer / bharath nagula

1. Well, my self Bharath, having 4 and half years of experience IT in networking.
2. Currently, I am working for a ABC Pvt ltd as a XYZ engineer.
3. I completed in computer sciene &engigeering with first class from JNTU University.
4. Strength: I am Adaptabilty person, self motivated and Harding workig with positve attitue towardes my career and my life. Or
5. Weakness: I can believe in everyone easily, and am very straight forward.
6. My goal is to give the best service to the organisation where I work and take a good position.
7. That's all about me.

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Tell me about ur self.. Why would you want to join our company.....

Answer / furry10169420

I'm the only person on this website that speaks proper English, and I don't want to join your company. Stop hiring.

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Tell me about ur self.. Why would you want to join our company.....

Answer / skeptictheist

I'm a person with varied interests, first of all I'm a graduate of hospitality and management. During my spare time I do the household chores because in my field of study for a establishment that caters private accommodation a hotel an example, it should be clean, cozy, well maintained and secured. I used to be alone at home and I'm responsible for all the chores and handy jobs at home. It made me more disciplined and organized in our personal belongings. I also read books and magazines that's why developed my writing skills and good communication skills. My favorite sports are basketball and board games I like challenging and physical games and mind games which allowed me to be mindful about my strategic planning, analysis and the aim how to win the game with the help of my mates that had really helped me improve my organizational skills and people skills when it comes to socializing, cooperation and aiming for success. I am also a member of a non government organization that helps people who live in slums to give them happiness and reach out to them by teaching the right education by disseminating and distributing educational materials and books to children who were deprived of education or to go to a formal school but due to poverty these children are not allowed to study otherwise they do rather choose to work at young age being forced by their parents to work for their daily survival. And because of our compassion I have become more passionate about giving back to the people who have become part of my personality as a person that they played a vital role in molding my innate goodness as a human. In our village I'm also joining in the yearly sports fest and luckily I never had brought a bacon for my friends and family however that was a memorable experience during those times but I'm not and never been an active player before. It's just a simple out breach program for the youth to get them away from bad influence of drugs. It's very important you know that in a small village a local organizations form a program for the youth to help these young people to get away from drugs. Well in terms of my skill set, I have handled Linux administrator OS and I have good computer skills. Which is really to have me qualified for this position in call centers. And I'm one hundred percent sure that you don't have any reason for you to not hire me. That's all.

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Tell me about ur self.. Why would you want to join our company.....

Answer / guest

my name is murali krishna i am son of t.thrinath woking in
railways as gang men iam prusing my degree from kakatiya
degree college at ecil ... i am from malkajgiri hyderabad ....

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Tell me about ur self.. Why would you want to join our company.....

Answer / m.rahul

Hi, iam rahul.
Iam coming from hyd..
Ihave compeleted intermediate form v.v. college..
Iam persuing final yeat. From v.v College..

So sir tell me what should I tell more in question.. of is there any thing else
so please tell me sir......

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