what is the best defect(functionally relaleted) u find in u
r career?

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what is the best defect(functionally relaleted) u find in u r career?..

Answer / akshay sinha

It depends upon its Severity and priority . So If Against
the functionality you find anything then its a great
Defect , but if you are finding a defect which comes after
several attemts or at rare condition then its not too much
severe and Good defect .I have found first that when i was
not able to login in a particular application which i am
going to Test . And it was great becuase it was not
itermittent issue , its Really a defect .

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what is the best defect(functionally relaleted) u find in u r career?..

Answer / mudaseer

my project is on android application the best defect i have i have found is force close it means the application crashes when i click on a link (i e the application is stopped by operating system)

this is high priority and high severity defect which i have to
report to developer immediately

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