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What is V and V model

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What is V and V model..

Answer / sudhiranjan

V and V stand for

Verification- It is done at application developing stage. It
is process oriented. It is prevention of the bug. ex:
verifying the docs like Srs, proj plan etc.

Validation- It is done at testing phase. It is product
oriented. It is detection of the bug.

Broadly it is called 'V' model in an organisation.

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What is V and V model..

Answer / saff

it is verification and validation model

where every phase is verified and validated

requirment and analysis and design phase's produce certain
document where this documnets are reviewd and discussed
with the team and accordingly corrected or changed or added

this whole this can be together called verification

then after code is developed ,white box testing takes place
then black box and different kinds of validation techinques
this entire things can be taked under validation

so in this way every phase is verified and validated so
outcome of this model is a quality product

but this is like lengthy process and time consuming and
costly model
this is the best model for testing

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