Explain the function of a transaction in a script?

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Explain the function of a transaction in a script?..

Answer / somesh singh

Transaction is a basic entity in the script for time
calculation.Transaction contains 1 or more than one user
action.Transactions are used to calculate the time taken
for a perticular user action.
Like logging in an application may be one transactions and
transaction containing log in user action will give how
much time taken to login.

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Explain the function of a transaction in a script?..

Answer / pushpa

Without the transactions it is difficult to identify the
actions performed by the VUser.

Simply saying, transactions are required to group the
actions performed by the Vuser.

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Explain the function of a transaction in a script?..

Answer / madan

Transaction points are used to measure the particular user action response time those are start transaction(lr_start_transaction("transaction name")) and end transaction(lr_end_transaction("transaction name",LR_AUTO))

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