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i want to perform uniqness on db file bt my db file nt
hving key by useing rpgle.

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i want to perform uniqness on db file bt my db file nt hving key by useing rpgle...

Answer / ravi kumar

Create LF for PF and take UNIQUE keyword in file level and take one field as key field(Whenever UNIQUE keyword is used in LF, It will be compiled successfully if your PF doesn't have DUPLLICATE RECORDS orher wise it will not be compiled.)

After creating LF, You have to use LF in RPGLE. Then you can retrieve and insert records through RPGLE.

I have got success in this way...

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i want to perform uniqness on db file bt my db file nt hving key by useing rpgle...

Answer / bhargav

Assigning non-numeric values to NUMERIC field.

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i want to perform uniqness on db file bt my db file nt hving key by useing rpgle...

Answer / raghav

Try using CL program  
1.OVRDBF (Share ODP - *YES)
2.OPNQRYF - Define keyfield
3.Call RPGprogram

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