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Hi Viewers can any body explain me how to update and ahange
the already existed data in physical file using subfile ?
please explain me with the code if possible?

Hi Viewers can any body explain me how to update and ahange the already existed data in physical fi..

Answer / dx

first read all records from physical file and move to subfile
then read change records from subfile format by opcode READC
in loop it will work

eg- readc sfl 56
*in56 downe *on
move dspfile physical file
updat sfl

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RETRIVING DELETED RECORDS :- I'm frequently asked how to retrieve deleted records from an unjournaled physical file when the deleted records have not yet been removed from the file. Utility UNDEL lets you undelete records in a physical file. This public domain program is available in CISC and RISC versions, and the complete source code is available for download at: UNDEL for AS/400 Save File (RISC): UNDEL for AS/400 Save File (CISC): UNDEL for AS/400 Save File (Source code): The utility takes advantage of the fact that deleted records in physical files are only flagged as deleted, and the record data still exists until it is overwritten or the file is reorganized with a utility such as RGZPFM. UNDEL simply reads the deleted record, then reuses the record by writing over it with the new record (thus eliminating the flag for the deleted record). Some homegrown and commercial utilities copy the file containing undeleted records to a save file, then use a program to read the save file, which contains live and undeleted records, to a file to undelete the records. The UNDEL utility is superior to the SAVF technique because there's no need to copy the file to a save file, which is especially important for really large files. When run, UNDEL displays the physical file records in their unformatted, raw text form. You can either position the display to a given relative record number or use F19 or F20 to find the previous and next deleted record, respectively. The utility also includes online help, which is almost unheard of for free utilities. Other utilities include the ability to undelete records. You can use the RTVDLTRCD command in the old QUSRTOOL (no longer supported by IBM). QUSRTOOL is now a commercial product called TAA Productivity Tools ( ). The free file editor WRKDBF has a built-in undelete capability ( ), and several commercial file editors can undelete records. For a complete list of file editors, go to, select "Programmer Tools" under "Product Category," then select "File Editors."

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