write a script to verify the image path(src property) of
the images which are in web

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What is the difference between driver-script and AOM-script?

2 Answers   IBM, Value Labs,

hi, can u tell me the QTP TEsting process in present real time companies?(beware of this... now a days Recording is not using,, only DP) and don't tell note book answers like step 1 spep2....like this .......post answer with professional skills in simple english words) thank u

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can we install qtp in windows vista

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In a yahoo web Application there are 65 links.one day it will opens 50 links and another day it will open 55 links.In this scenerio write Descriptive programing for Automation?....Pls write the code for this scenerio.

1 Answers   UHG, College School Exams Tests,

Hi..All I have installed QTP 10.0, and need to Automate SAP Application.....so i need to Install SAP Add-ins, anybady has SAP-Addins, Please help me, and thanks in advanced plese send it on my email id: sandipgami84@gmail.com Thanks, Sandip Gami +91-9714177088

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How will u find that how many List boxes( and check boxes) are present in one particular window

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What is Virtual object wizard in QTP?

4 Answers  

In Object Repository, two actions r there. Action1 name is A.tsr, Action2 name is B.tsr. Is it Possible? if Yes, what is the out put of A+B? if No, why?

2 Answers   Kanbay,

How you perform smoke and sanity testing using qtp?

1 Answers   Tech Mahindra,

Hi friends I need to know about jubula automation tool. Is anybody know in bangalore where jubula tanning class is going on do let me know. Its urgent for me to learn that tool please help.

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Is it mandatory to know abt regular expression in descriptive programming

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Explain about merging of two repositories?

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