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I am using 2 excel sheet.First excel sheet works fine with
the script,
if it opens the 2nd excel sheet,it works fine,but after
finish all the rows
it is giving the following error in the following line.

InValid Procedure call or argument

Line (178): "Browser("name:="&result,"application
version:=internet explorer 7").Page
("title:=bgt.*", "index:=0").WebList
id:=Select1","location:=0").Select SearchType1".

I have seen a web article says that,If we use any vbscript
friendly name it may gives the above error-Invalid
procedure call or argument

not sure,Am I using any VBScript frienlyName? in the above
[but the same line is perfecly working for first Excel ]
It is little urgent.
Any Help
Thanks you

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