how soon can you travel down to start your new job?

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3 blocks are chosen randomly on a chessboard. What is the probability that they are in the same diagonal?

3 Answers  

In how many ways can we put numbers 1 to 9 without repeating in a 3*3 matrix,so that the sum of all elements in any row and column and diagonal is 15??

9 Answers   Satyam, Amazon,

The minute and the hour hand of a watch meet every 65 minutes. How much does the watch lose or gain time and by how much?

3 Answers   HCL,

A cow is standing 5 feet from the middle of the bridge .A train is at a distance of 2 times length of the bridge from direction in which cow is nearer to end of the bridge is coming at a speed of 90 miles/hour.If cow moves towards train it will be saved by 1 foot.If cow moves away from train it will be hit by three inches of cow (i)Find length of bridge (ii)Find cows speed

1 Answers   Infosys, TCS, eLitmus,

Classic: If a bear walks one mile south, turns left and walks one mile to the east and then turns left again and walks one mile north and arrives at its original position, what is the color of the bear

16 Answers   TCS, ADP, Tech Mahindra, Microsoft, OSI,

At the entrance to a members club stands a stranger seeking admission. A friend told him that it's easy to get in. You just have to answer a question corrcetly! Answering wrong, however, will result in being shot! To live a little longer, the man waits in a back alley near the entrance for people to go in. After a while a man comes to the entrance. The door warden asks him: "Twelve?" to which he replies "Six!" and goes in. "That's easy." our friend thinks, but he waits a little longer. Another man comes to the door. "Six?" the door warden asks, to which he replies "Three!" and goes in. "That's too good to be true" our friend thinks, and he was right. Because, when asked "Four?", he answered "Two!" and was found dead in the alley. What was the correct answer?

1 Answers  

A, B and C are three points on a straight line, not necessarily equidistant with B being between A and C. Three semicircles are drawn on the same side of the line with AB, BC and AC as the diameters. BD is perpendicular to the line ABC, and D lies on the semicircle AC. If the funny shaped diagram between the three semicircles has an area of 1000 square cms, find the length of BD.

1 Answers  

Write 1111......(243 times) i.e. a 243 digit number with all 1s. Prove that it is divisible by 243.

3 Answers  

Silu and Meenu were walking on the road. Silu said, "I weigh 51 Kgs. How much do you weigh?" Meenu replied that she wouldn't reveal her weight directly as she is overweight. But she said, "I weigh 29 Kgs plus half of my weight." How much does Meenu weigh?

3 Answers   Accenture,

if 12+22=24 23+8=6 32+13=40 73+16=144 then 36+2=?

8 Answers   Wipro,

Gomzi has 3 timepieces in his house - a wall clock, an alarm clock and a wristwatch. The wristwatch is always accurate, whereas the wall clock gains 2 minutes everyday and the alarm clock loses 2 minutes everyday. At exactly midnight last night, all three watches were showing the same time. If today is 25 July 2003, then on which date all three clocks will show the same time again?

4 Answers  

A cube is divided into 125 pieces.. then four columns are removed then coloured all side black.. i) how many 0 side painted cubes? ii) how many 1 side painted cubes? iii) how many 2 side painted cubes? iV) how many 3 side painted cubes? V) how many 4 side painted cubes?

7 Answers   Tata Elxsi, Stairway Engineering,