Throughput ?

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Throughput ?..

Answer / mahesh sv

If the throughput scales upward as time progresses and the
number of Vusers increase, this indicates that the bandwidth
is sufficient. If the graph were to remain relatively flat
as the number of Vusers increased, it would be reasonable to
conclude that the bandwidth is constraining the volume of

data delivered.

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Throughput ?..

Answer / illur iqbal

The Throughput shows the amount of data in bytes that the
Vusers received from the server in a second.

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Throughput ?..

Answer / rohan kokate

Throughput of the System means,total number of request sent
by the client & the total no of response received frm the

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Throughput ?..

Answer / guest

Throughput indicates the number of request are processed by
the system against a fixed time.

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Throughput ?..

Answer / umamaheshwara

number of bytes of data received by client per second

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Throughput ?..

Answer / reddaiah

ThroughPut is the Amount of Data Retrieved from the
webServer within Specified Span of time

hits proprotinal to Throughput

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Throughput ?..

Answer / prasanth

bytes sent/received per sec

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Throughput ?..

Answer / kalpana

The Speed of server Processing to respond to request in one
second of time is known as Throughput.

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