what is difference between ERP AND SAP

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / ratnakar reddy k

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning.To elobarate,
An enterprise means a business setup,Resources means many
like men,machine,money etc, planning means a frame work to
carry out the tasks.
So Generally there are lot of ERP package vendors in the
market like,SAP,Oracle,BANN,JD Edwards,SIEBEl etc.Each
vendor is specialized in one or many resources.SAP comes
under ERP Package which gives business solutions to a
business setup in all areas like Finance,Sales,Costing and
materials etc.

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / vivek j choudhary

ERP is the technology which is enterprise recourse
planing.it is on the large scale and every company has all
three of them.
Enterprise -corporate itself
recourses- which corporate uses to accomplish its goals
planing-And to use recourses effectively planning is required.
NOW what is SAP?
There are different ERP products launched by different
companies like
companies product
SAP R/3(where SAP have many modules like BW,HR etc
BaaN Baan 4th
oracle oracle applications

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / prashant

SAP is one type of ERP
In ERP 9 modules are include
and in SAP 11 modeles are include

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / shaik ismail

sap has different modules like crm,hrm,fico etc and erp has
different types like sap,bann,oracle etc. sap is one of the
types in erp.

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / s.s.chhokar

ERP is a concept while SAP is a one toll to achive the

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / jitendra

Erp meanse Enterprise Resource Planning
sap is part of an ERP

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / sagar bhavsar

ERP means Enterprise Resourse Planning.It is used in all
managerial function like Planning, Contolling, Organising,
Directing etc., ERP is the Combination of EDI, SMS,
CMS,etc., All the MIS like ERP,CRM,SCM, etc., it is called
as EMS(Enterprise Management System)
SAP is the System Application Product and It is also one
type of ERP So friends have a Technoworld ahead

Thanks and Regards,

Bhavsar Sagar S

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / shaik ismail

sap has several modules and sap is a part of erp.

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / tony lee

ERP is a process used within a business usually contained
in a computer package like SAP , Baan , JDE , Syspro ,
Accpac. These packages facilitate the effective usage of
systems and procedures through a planning process
maximising the most intelligent usage of the resources
(manpower,materials and capital)in order to achieve the
optimum financial results and return on capital.

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what is difference between ERP AND SAP..

Answer / kamlesh

Difference betweeen ERP and SAP is :
Example :
Languague :
In Languague there is C, C++, Pascal, COBOL etc
Database :
In Database there is FOXPRO, Oracle, SYBASE, MS-Acess etc
Like wise
SAP, Oracle Applications, BAAN, JD Edward, Peoplesoft etc

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