Siebel Interview Questions
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What is the relationship between opportunity and account?

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What are the uses of opportunity, account contact in Siebel?

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In Siebel how is load balancing maintained?

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Define a Siebel file system?

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Differentiate between an organization and division?

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Define an extension table?

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Describe the relationship between base table and extension table?

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Describe a Resonate?

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In Siebel, what 'position' stands for?

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By what way do you give Responsibilities to employees in Siebel ?

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Define position type field in position applet?

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State the layer of Siebel 7.x version which is new ?

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Define seed data in Siebel?

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By what way do you control Visibility in Siebel ?

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What are the different features of Siebel 7.x data model and Siebel 6.0 data model?

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Explain why would we populate bu_id, while importing product or account data?


How to specify a view to be displayed as aggregate view in siebel 7.7?


Tell me what is user properties? Why we using the user properties?


Explain pick applet?


what is the link specification?


What is the use of ldap user?


Explain how to edit the joined fields values in join?


How do you display the number of records in a picklist(combo box/drop down) not the records in the pickapplet, in just 3 rows and not 5 rows(which is the default)?


Explain what is detailed category and what is its use in configuration?


when you have pre default value and post default value for a field, which one will be stored in the database?


How we will create drilldown in form applet?


what is implied join. Where do we find it ?


What are the steps for creating a mvg?


Explain when do we go for dynamic picklist and for pick applet?


Explain why does data not from related child tables not get exported when data is exported using an interface table?