Siebel Interview Questions
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What is the relationship between opportunity and account?

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What are the uses of opportunity, account contact in Siebel?

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In Siebel how is load balancing maintained?

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Define a Siebel file system?

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Differentiate between an organization and division?

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Define an extension table?

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Describe the relationship between base table and extension table?

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Describe a Resonate?

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In Siebel, what 'position' stands for?

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By what way do you give Responsibilities to employees in Siebel ?

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Define position type field in position applet?

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State the layer of Siebel 7.x version which is new ?

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Define seed data in Siebel?

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By what way do you control Visibility in Siebel ?

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What are the different features of Siebel 7.x data model and Siebel 6.0 data model?

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How to configure the products in siebel?


Please provide the SIebel Interview Questions with Answers as soon as possible.I am going to attend an interview.please respond


when i click on first time ststic picklist valus should be 4 values and if i click next time i want to see 6 picklist with diff values for that same field.How will u configure


How to find out new vanilla functionality in SIEBEL 7.7 and 7.8?


In an applet one custom button is created on clicking that button all the fields get validated and then message should be displayed on the other applet as the corresponding field values are empty


Give me an example of business scenario and explain implementation with workflow?


how would we give access to data using positions


What is the most difficult assignment that was given to you in workflows and how did you come up with the solution?


hi,i would like to know the what are the questions they will ask for siebel testing. i need question for only siebel testing only


i have two business components but iwant to make visible applet to only one business component


how to dispaly ascendimg in pick list


Difference between search specification and search constant


How to Get the MultiValueFields in Workflow


i want to join in siebel testing so what was the prerequsites for that to learn? what is the siebel analytics


scenario where we use ForwardBackward & ForwardOnly in Execute Query in Scripting