how would we do the encryption and decryption testing

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how would we do the encryption and decryption testing..

Answer / soni k

Decrypting testing/ Encryption testing : it is type of
security testing in which the datas transferred in the
network is in Encrypted or not.

EX:- when ever we enter password for authentication to login
to application , and the password should appear in encrypted
form. it should not display the words entered.

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how would we do the encryption and decryption testing..

Answer / mfsi_krushnas

Encryption/decryption testing is related to:-

-Test it for security
-Quality of the encryption
-How long it would take to hack the system

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how would we do the encryption and decryption testing..

Answer / ranks

encryption testing is related to security testing. where we
test form of the data, traveling in the network form client
to server. And ensure that any third party is not be able to
see client's sensitive information.
This can be Possible through some proxy intercepting tools.

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