what is racemic mixture and what is racemisation?

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Answer / supraja

When equal amounts of extro rotatory and levorotatory
isomers are present the resulting mixture becomes optically
inactive because the optical activities of each isomer
cancel each other.such a mixture is called a racemic or dl
mixture or conglomerate mixture and this process of
converting an optically active compound into racemic
modification is known as RACEMISATION.

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Answer / pooja meena

racemic mixture-mixture in which dextro rotatory and levo rotatory isomers of same compound present in the ratio of 1:1. main property of racemic mixture is OPTICALY INACTIVE.

racemisation-in simple words "the formation of racemic mixture." this formation does by SN1 reaction.

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Answer / khalid sipra

when equal amount of dextrorotatry and lvorotatry present
plan light travel straight .mixture is called racemic

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