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Example for High Severity and low priority, High Severity
High priority, Low Severity Low Priority, Low Severity High

Example for High Severity and low priority, High Severity High priority, Low Severity Low Priority,..

Answer / navya

SEVERITY: Impact of bug on the application.
PRIORITY: Effect of bug on the application.

HIGH SEVERITY LOW PRIORITY:If any application working
correct for long sessions example for 50000 sessions and
failing to work for remaining sessions then it should be
fixed but not it is considered as high
severoty and low priority bug.
Numeric feild validations also considered as high severity
low priority in the sense if at all entering the correct
data application works fine and if we enter the invalid data
then the system crashes.

HIGH SEVERITY HIGH PRIORITY:If there is a fault while
calculating weekly report.
This is a high severity and high priority fault because this
fault will block the functionality of the application
immediately within a week. It should be fixed urgently.

LOW SEVERITY LOW PRIORITY:If there is a spelling mistakes on
the page,allignment is not proper,look and feel of the
application is not prety then all these comes under low
severity and low priority bugs as they dont effect the
application funtionality and also there is no impact of the
bug on the application.

LOW SEVERITY HIGH PRIORITY:If any Web site say "Yahoo" now
if the logo of site "Yahoo" spell
as "Yho" ----Than Priority is high but severity is low.
Because it effect the name of site so important to do quick
---Priority.But it is not going to crash because of spell
chage so severity low.

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