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Using Regular expression in Date format DD/MM/YYYY
in this regular expression year 0000 also accepted.I need
atleast any one single digit must be nonzero value (like

Using Regular expression in Date format DD/MM/YYYY (0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])/(0[1-9]|1[12])/([0-9]{4..

Answer / diganta.ddas

You can use following Regular Expression

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I am trying to write a descriptive program for clicking on a perticular link.For that i wanted an index or location of that object.But when I viewing through spy, There was no index property of that object.What to do for getting index value.How can I get index? please any one let me know.

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what to do if application have 3 "ok" button with same logical name and same properties, how qtp can identify them.

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Any one knows about descriptive programming to identify objects in a page? Kindly drop me mail

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After coming to know that QTP could not identify non-standard objects, we set those non-standard objects as virtual objects using Virtual object wizard. But how can we identify that qtp could not identify non-standard objects?

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pls dont join MIndq nageshwar rao...Nageshwar rao sir didnt teach QTP indepth...he teach basics only...atleast he dont know about INSTR concept...this concept take min 30 min...buthe teach 3 min this so many concepts are missing in class. IN CLASS ROOM NAGESHWAR RAO SIR HIPNATIZE THE STUDENTS....WITH OTHER ISSUES.. dont join... look other institutes...this is my personal openion share your comments thank u

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