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I’ve been using a test tool for quite some time but it has
not lived up to the expectations. So I’m planning to invest in
a good one. Please suggest some?

I’ve been using a test tool for quite some time but it has not lived up to the expectations. So..

Answer / john williams

I personally feel test management system Zephyr,( is the best as it cuts down the tasks of cutting and pasting, creating reports, gathering and presenting status, searching for data, updating data, and so on.

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1.Testing work starts once a)once requirement are complete b)once test cases are complete c)once coding is complete d)begining of requirement 2)For white box testing a)the tester is completely unconcerned abt the internal behavior of the program b)the tester is concerned with finding circumstances in which the program doesnot behave according to code standards c)test data is derived from market requirements 3)stress testing is a measure of one of the following a)application response time b)concurrent load an application can handle c)transactions per minute that can be handled d)virtual load at which the system will fail 4)UAT means a)testing performed on a single stand alone module b)testing after changes have been made to ensure that no unwanted changes were introduced c)testinf to ensure that the system meets the needs of the organization& the end user 5)software quality metrics will help u to a)keep account on the software quality of an application b)analyse and improve the deficiencies of an application c)both of the above d)none 6)Application that has GUI must be tested for usability a)for any kind of UI applications b)more necessary for web based applications c)only if the user is going to use the UI d)only if the user pays for it 7)the program according requirements expects the uppercase letters from A to Z.Analyze the following inputs and choose one that can cause the failure with greater probability a)@,[ b)1,0 c)B,W d)[,] 8)A system test that forces the software to fail in a variety of ways and verifies that softwware is able to continue execution without interruption.This definiton in nearest to a)Recovery testing b)Stress testing c)both of the above d)none 9)Automated testing is necessary when a)testing has to be done very quickly b)number of resources are very less c)most of the test cases are similar in anture d)all of the above 10)which of the following tests is performed early in a software testing process a)monkey testing b)unit testing c)system testing d)none 11)the testing technique that requires devising test cases to demonstrate that each program function is operational is called a)black box testing b)glass box testing c)grey box testing d)white box testing 12)what a UML diagram is useful for black box testing a)class diagram b)object diagram c)use case diagram d)sequence diagram 13)what kind of tools would you suggest to use for the automation of regression tests? a)capture and playback b)static analysis tools c)simulators d)debugging tools

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