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what is difference b/t severity and priority

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what is difference b/t severity and priority..

Answer / rajesh ramesh

Priority means important to the defect with respective
client requirement and severity means seriousness of the
defect with respect to the funcionality.

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what is difference b/t severity and priority..

Answer / krishnakumar

priority is with respect to the user and severity is with
respect to functionality.

Eg in Google search, if the web page instead of "google"
shows "googl" ("e" missing), this has less to do with
respect to functionality. But as num of user visiting the
site is high and will notice this, this is high priority but
low severity

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what is difference b/t severity and priority..

Answer / sapna

Priority impact on the bussiness and severity impact on the
functionality of the product.

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what is difference b/t severity and priority..

Answer / shwetha

severity is nothing but importance given to fix the bug...
priority impact on the business....

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