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Please tell me what is kick off,As is,to be process at the
time of implementaion in details.

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Please tell me what is kick off,As is,to be process at the time of implementaion in details...

Answer / gururaj deshmukh

Any Oracle Apps (or simply any ERP) will have following
sequence of activities.
1. Kick Off Session
2. As is Business study
3. To Be business and so on (other steps are not recorded
here as rest steps are out of scope of the question). Now
let us see what:
1.Kick Off Session:-It is the meeting between Customer (for
whom ERP is to be implemented and the implementer typical
activities og this session includes
a) Formation of various teams (from both side) or
committees like steering committee, implementation team
b) PID presentation.
2. As IS business study: -implementation team is
responsible for conducting As IS business study (which is
nothing but the in which current business works) by
interacting with customer’s implementation team. At the end
As Is business process document is prepared and reviewed
and frozen.
3.To Be Business:- Implementation team will map the
functionalities in the free zed AS IS Business process
document with the available functionalities in the selected
ERP Package. And identifies if any customization is
required to meet customer requirement. at the a document
called To Be Business process document will be presented by
the implementation partner which gives over all structure
of the business after ERP is implemented.

Gururaj Deshmukh

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Please tell me what is kick off,As is,to be process at the time of implementaion in details...

Answer / rams

As-Is Document's tells what is client current business
process,How Client is running is Business Now,What is his
current using application like excel,tally...these all
details mention here,
Here As-is Document Studying the process we follow BP040
Docus,RD020 Docs.........

To-Be Document's tells How Client want to run their business
in Oracle appication,Future requirement with new future....
For ex:: He using tally his current business He Will Be
Change to Oracle Applications
Here To-Be Documents Understanding the process we follow
BP080 Docus...
Kick Off is a Meeting Between Two teams Introduction and
talking regards their Reuirements...

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