Give me At Least 5 Differences between DOCUMENTATION OBJECT

Interviewer said me to WRITE the difference only in points
not as you WRITE a paragraph ???? only in points

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I want to scroll down in MSPAINT (captured a screen already). So that I can read the data in it through the step Window(paint).GetVisibleText for my validation. Anyone know the scripting for this?

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How are cgi programs, applets, javascripts, ActiveX components, etc. to be maintained, tracked, controlled, and tested?

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what is the difference between link and hyperlink?

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if you run one test script in internetexplorer the same test you run in mozilla ffirefox is it possible or not how is it.

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plz can any one send me what is Automation Testing Frameworks.. Thanks in advance

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Does QTP support Linux Red Hat? Does QTP support Flash?

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By using QTP, How do you test a frame in a web page?

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What is the virtual object?

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What is Tree view?

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Using Object Repository is a advantage or disadvantage?

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How to change the screen name while running the test.

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Pls answer this: What is the difference between a subroutine and a function? A. A subroutine can call itself; a function cannot B. A function returns a value; a subroutine cannot C. A function can accept arguments; a subroutine cannot. D. A subroutine can call other procedures; a function cannot.

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