Why Copyrights,patents,goodwill etc.etc. falls under real
account and not nominal or personal account?
I know anything which affect trading & Profit & Loss
accounts are nominal accounts.And the above do not affect
the Trading or P/L accounts but on the other hand they are
intangible and neither can they fall under real accounts as
Real accounts are those that are not personal and they are
Again in another way if we see, Patents, Copyright ,Goodwill
etc. etc. kindoff acts as a representative of a person or a
company like in the same way as a Bank or Company name,so
they can they not fall under Personal Account??

Why Copyrights,patents,goodwill etc.etc. falls under real account and not nominal or personal accou..

Answer / pradipta

Copyright, patent, goodwill... all r intangible assets. So according to our golden principle of accounting all assets falls into real account irrespective of their tangibility and intangibility.

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