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test cases on calculator

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test cases on calculator..

Answer / sumangala kulkarni

1 It should have 9 numeric digit.
2 it should give proper output based on the operstion.
3 it should not allow charactres.
4 it shold run from cell or battery not thriugh power supply.
5 it should be small in size.
6 at least it should perform 4 basic operation such as

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test cases on calculator..

Answer / meetu

Test Cases:

1. Whenever a user presses a button, that numeral should be
displayed in the text box.
2. Verify that when a user presses 2 numeric keys on the
calculator, first digit is concatenated by the second digit.
3. Verify the functionality of = button on the calculator.
4. Verify that decimal numbers are allowed.
5. Verify that +, - , / , * operations are allowed in case
of a basic calculator.
6. Verify the functionality of the +, - , / , * button on
the calculator.
7. Verify the precision value of the calculator.
8. Verify that is should allow input of numbers only.
(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) and no characters or special characters.
9. Verify the functionality of Backspace button.
10. Verify the functionality of C / CE button.
11. Verify the functionality of memory keys.

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test cases on calculator..

Answer / tabrez shaikh

What Sumangala Kulkarni wrote is correct but there is a
slight mistake.

There should be 10 numberic digits and not 9.

eg. : 0123456789


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