What is URL Forwarding ?

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What is Computer Administrator ?

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What is SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) ?

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please explain what are the main server roles for system admin ? what is the way to access the active directory services sitting on the client place as a client?

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can u tel me how we can use temp table in sql sserver instead of Dual in oracle?

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what is windows backup and type of windows backup

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What is the Drawback of DHCP?

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What the difference between the service messages and transport messages?

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How are dependent the app.config and the machine.config files?

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What is Software ?

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What is Serial Poart ?

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What is the maximum number of fields of data form, can be displayed in a worksheet of MS Excel Program? (a)16; (b)24; (c)32; (d)48.

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What is DDR (Double Data Rate)

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