What is URL Forwarding ?

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with out wss we can use sharepoint server and develop the websites and subsites is it possible to develop the sites?

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What is the difference between a domain and a workgroup?

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what is the difference between IE5 and IE6

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Types of DNS Servers?

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wt r the tools of remote function which is the best one

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what is 'macro' in excel? how to make use of it ?

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Enumerate three message exchange patterns in the WCF model

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What is the difference between procedures and functions in C3#.NET

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1.How can data be developed on Microsoft excel 2. what is the importance of Microsoft Excel to the society

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xp professional operating system is showing virtual memory too low?

2 Answers  

hi iam using window 2003 server,in that iam using remote instalation service (instaling oparating system through remotely) in my client machine gave a error like "the network adaptor is not present in your image " pls send me solution as soon as possible

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What is Port Forwording?

0 Answers   Quexst,