What is VGA (Video Graphics Array)?

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difference between windows 98, windows 2000 and windows XP

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What is URL Forwarding ?

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What is Shareware ?

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what is windows backup and type of windows backup

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What is Domain Name ?

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How to use script on Domain ?

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Is the server set up the client address or the client set it up in the duplex communication ? Server uses This address to sent the data back to the client.

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MicroSoft Dynamics Axapta does it become famous now a days? Is getting more calls in future? in Hyderabad which institute is best? can you please tell me about this?

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Is there any other options to create a site definition for MOSS other than using onet.xml.

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What is the difference between Win2k Server and Win2k3?

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What is DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

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What is Shared Hosting ?

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