How to handle Recovery scenario in QTP.
give detailed explanation about recovery

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How to handle Recovery scenario in QTP. give detailed explanation about recovery scenario...

Answer / umasankar

Unexpected events, errors, and application crashes during a
run session can disrupt your run session and distort
results. This is a problem particularly when tests run
unattended?the test pauses until you perform the operation
needed to recover. To handle situations such as these,
QuickTest enables you to create recovery scenarios and
associate them with specific tests. Recovery scenarios
activate specific recovery operations when trigger events
The Recovery Scenario Manager provides a wizard that guides
you through the process of defining a recovery scenario,
which includes a definition of an unexpected event and the
operation(s) necessary to recover the run session.

A recovery scenario consists of the following:

Trigger Event. The event that interrupts your run session.
For example, a window that may pop up on screen, or a
QuickTest run error.

Recovery Operation(s). The operation(s) to perform to
enable QuickTest to continue running the test after the
trigger event interrupts the run session. For example,
clicking an OK button in a pop-up window, or restarting
Microsoft Windows.

Post-Recovery Test Run Option. The instructions on how
QuickTest should proceed after the recovery operations have
been performed, and from which point in the test QuickTest
should continue, if at all. For example, you may want to
restart a test from the beginning, or skip a step entirely
and continue with the next step in the test.

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How to handle Recovery scenario in QTP. give detailed explanation about recovery scenario...

Answer / kirankumar.y

Recovery scenario manager is used to handle exception.
exception is run time error,three steps to handle exceptions
1 .trigger event:-pop-up window,object state,test run error
and application crash
2.recovery operations:-select an operation to perform when
the trigger event occurs they are 1.keyboard or mouse
peration 2.close application process 3. fuction call 4.
restart miscrosoft windows recovery:- select the last run operation you want to
perform when the recovery operation is complect
.test run options:
1.repeate current step and continue
2.preceed to next step
3.proceed to next action or component
4.proceed to next iteration
5.restart current test run
6.stop the test run

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How to handle Recovery scenario in QTP. give detailed explanation about recovery scenario...

Answer / surya

every one knows the above process, but how to predict the
exception and how we create the scenario in real time, plz
mention 1 example for that..!!!!

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How to handle Recovery scenario in QTP. give detailed explanation about recovery scenario...

Answer / anjali

@surya: this option we basically use in the process of negative testing, so we will know upfront that some pop-up or runtime error going to happen, rite??
you can take example as login validation, where we use more number of characters in the username when it is specified in reqmnts that the edit box should accept only some number of characters..this is part of negative testing
Correct me, if i am wrong

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