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The final of the sultan Afzal Shah Hockey Tournament 2009
was played between (a) India and Malaysia (b) India and
Pakistan (c)Pakistan and Malaysia (d) Malaysia and Japan

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I cleared Tax asst exam 2008 for selection to the Income Tax dept(CBDT) and waiting for appointment. the region allotment list was published in the incometax website on 21 & 22.5.10, but now they have removed it from website. Anyone know anything about that or what is the reason for that?

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I Have selected as a LDC in SAFDARJANG HOSPITAL through SSC BOARD as a central Govt. employee. but there is no any departmental exam in this hospital there is only 10year ACP. SO can I give any departmental exam of upper grade like UDC, Assistant post . And what is the benefit for me after joining central govt. job except age relaxation.

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who are better friends according to you-girls or boys?

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Which one of the following rivers forms an estuary

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Hi friends, it was informed by CBDT that the zone allocation of tax assistants on the basis of CGLE 2010 would be made by 15th May 2011. But till date no information was displayed on the website of CBDT. If anybody has an idea about zone allocation please answer...

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The Nagarjunasagar dam is constructed on the river

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tell me about your ability to work under pressure ??

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hi.. i want to know, what kind of questions will araise in ssc si interview? how to face that?

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what is the maximum age limit prescribed for the post os the president of india?

9 Answers   SSC,

How many candidates qualified in Section Officer(Audit) Exam,2008?

10 Answers   SSC,

which posts are BEST in terms of extra income & promotions in SSC GRADUATE LEVEL 2010

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The coast that belongs to Kearala is known as

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