Which of the following are examples of the Session Layer?





E.) Token Ring

Which of the following are examples of the Session Layer? A.) TCP B.) RPC C.) SQL D.) NF..

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Answer: B C D

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why we assingn the wild card mask in the use of ospf and access list.

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wat is last assignable host address in network?

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What is true when using DDR? A.) HDLC is the preferred encapsulation B.) You must use static routing C.) You should use dynamic routing D.) You should use ISDN

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Which of the following are Session Layer standards? A.) ASCII and EBCDIC B.) MPEG and MIDI C.) NFS and SQL D.) JPEG and PICT

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An optional parameter on an IPX access is the 'LOG' parameter. This records access-list violations when a packet matches. What else does the 'LOG' option do? A.) Records the number of times that a packet matches the list. B.) Return a message to user who is denied access the by list. C.) Notifies an SNMP Agent. D.) Saves the log to NVRAM. E.) Send an SNMP Trap.

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why we twist the cable in case of twisted pair cable?plz give me technical answer.

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Sequence and acknowledgement numbers are used for? A.) Layer transitioning B.) Flow control C.) Port number addressing D.) Reliability

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what is standard and extended acess list? what are the commands for extended and acess list?

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as we know that isdn bri port come with either a u interface or some thing s/t interface what is the diffrenmce between them

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Of the following switching types, which one has the lowest latency? A.) Cut-through B.) Fragment Free C.) None D.) Store-and-forward

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What does a router do with a packet that it does not have a destination network for? A.) Sends it to the Serial port B.) Drops the packet C.) Sends it back out the same interface it received it in D.) Forwards the packet to the next hop

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What is the frame relay, in which layer it comes?

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